Assessing behavioural change
In some circumstances a tool to enable the manager to assess the progress his team are making in terms of defined behavioural goals is a real advantage when it comes to implementing systems and processes. A.B.C.TM is such a tool.

Estimated Timetable-

To design and implement such a tool - 1-5 days - depending upon complexity and definition of the behaviours needing to become the standard.
To effectively utilise the tool - management coached in its use for 4-8 months until behaviours are effectively embedded.

Facilitated sessions with your managers to explore the behaviours that they require accurate feedback on - interviews with a selection of the population to assess their current level. We can then develop - in partnership - a behavioural model with clear definitions in a language that makes sense to you.

Example Outcome

A clear behavioural model that is owned by your managers, is written in your
language and that monitors and supports your employees.