Leadership Programmes
Combining the best from the experiential learning approach and theoretical analysis -Our aim is to provide the stimulus which will inspire participants to achieve their
leadership potential through the development of highly interactive programmes.

Estimated Timetable-   
1 meeting + 1 design day if using generic tools, 3 design and construction days for
one off tools. 5 days has proven to be the norm.

Having defined what is required by Leaders in your organisation, we will design and
deliver a programme that challenges your people through a variety of situations.
Ideal for those whose influence needs to be developed, one of the outputs can be a written development plan helping to structure your future leader’s development in a manner that is in tune with your business culture.

Example Outcomes

A framework for achieving the necessary skill sets and a personal development
programme that is fully owned by you, recognised throughout your business as
adding real value - Changes the behaviours of the participants, raises morale, heightens the desire to learn, and plays a key role in development of your future
business leaders.