Relationship Awareness Theory

Based on a respected, humanistic theory of personality and motivation, this is a very positive way to look at Team Effectiveness, Inter-personal Styles, Conflict Resolution, Management Skills, and general cultural and communication issues.

Estimated Timetable-   

Best as part of a two day course -Day 1 - Objectives, Day 2 - Relationship
Awareness Theory, although it can be split into two four hour sessions.

Using a report generated by Personal Strengths Publishing Ltd., our fully certified
facilitators will explain the theory, administer the diagnostic, and tailor the outcome
to actions based on the participants’ individual responses. This will be fully reinforced
by a variety of focussed exercises custom designed to deepen personal
understanding and build towards definite action plans.

Example Outcomes
Individuals realising more of their potential to persuade and influence.
Effective Management of individuals.
Coaching relationships developed using a simple, shared language to discuss the
fundamentals of people management.