Elemental Team

Key Associates

Elemental prefers to utilise the skills and expertise from a carefully selected group;
Each associate adds value to the business and continues to demonstrate a real passion for what they do.
As such they are each regarded as core, to Elemental's offering in providing exceptional service to our clients. 

Get the complete picture - Bringing together the right talents and experience to achieve your needs.

Burkitt (Kitt) Rudd - Ideas  Incubator & Team Coach 

Kitt is the remaining  founding partner of Elemental  and seeing individuals and teams arrive at that 'ah-ha' moment continues to be the enduring driver for him. With over 20 years practical experience in supporting and enhancing the performance of teams he continues to be at the very heart of what Elemental strives to do for its clients.

Kitt's skills are in the development and organisation of unique programmes and events that challenge the manner in which team members work together and by developing their ability to manage and maintain effective working relationships.

Since the inception of Elemental, Kitt's efforts have been focussed on providing a highly tailored service through the creation of innovative and inspiring learning environments', which is based upon his exceptional understanding of team culture and the barriers to achieving greater performance. His experience ensures the development of highly relevant, well structured events that consistently exceed the needs of our clients. Through his hands on approach to facilitating events that tackle key performance issues he is able to catalyse teams and individuals into generating realistic goals and outcomes. Essentially, it’s his ability to work in partnership with his clients and others that can be regarded as the major key to his continued success.


Michela Deegan - Team Facilitator

Michela successfully coaches and develops managers and leaders within leading blue chip companies to attain their maximum potential. With a strong business background she enjoys the problem solving aspects of people development. This pragmatic approach helps individuals to transfer learning directly to the workplace or to their personal lives to gain real benefits and goal achievement.

A highly experienced trainer, with a flair for development using experiential learning techniques in training intervention design. As an accredited coach and leadership practitioner, Michela is skilled to help gain the best from the individuals with which she works.

With over 10 years experience in developing training interventions to move companies towards achieving their goals and the goals of the individuals within those companies. As a qualified adult teacher, Michela has a wide range of skills and comprehensive knowledge of the psychology of learning and personal development.

Michela is very experienced with change management and movement of cultures within organisations. She is also a skilled objective assessor. With a relaxed and approachable style she gains results by utilising her skills and expertise, underpinned with a real desire to help individuals to maximise their achievements.


Gavin Preston - Team Facilitator and Coach

Gavin has been a long-term associate to Elemental. He started his career qualifying as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG.  Then whilst working as an internal consultant for BAE systems in the fields of Leadership Development, Team Development, Change Management and Consultancy, Gavin developed skills in the fields of behavioural change, NLP and Coaching. 

He has trained extensively with some of the best in the world and sets an equally high standard with his own work.  He is an experienced coach, trainer and consultant in the field of Team & Behavioural development, Leadership development, communication, influence and persuasion and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), working with a wide range of people including high potential leaders in blue chip organisations. 


John Wilson - Events Manager and Facilitator

John has been working within the events industry since 1988. After graduating from Leeds University, John arrived in the world of teambuilding and team development in the early 90’s through his love of outdoor adventure. John's innovation and flair to get groups to achieve the improbable, is a sight to behold. He has been at the hub of some of our most creative interventions and has never failed to make an impact with our clients.

His real specialism is in the management of the larger scale event, where the benefit of a quick injection of good humour, daftness of the surreal, and above all the benefit of getting people to work together in the most memorable and engaging way, means that John adds value to the core message of a conference or impact of the team meeting. 


Gem Orthner - Event Facilitator and Performer

Gem is a great example of what Elemental does best, that is in bringing together  a special synthesis of skills and talents to meet a specific client need. Such is her enthusiasm and commitment to help make a difference she is quickly becoming a familiar face with a number of our clients.

Gem is most easily and possibly best described as a natural performer; she has dedicated her life to the performance arts. Firstly enjoying a ten-year career as a professional dancer, then in 2000 she undertook a First class Honours Degree in Contemporary Theatre winning the ‘Baroldi’ prize for excellence in the process. Now firmly established as an onstage actress she has been involved in many theatrical productions up and down the country – She’s been described as an exciting and raw talent and is a C-venues award winner for her engaging and challenging  one-person stage-show (Transformation) at the end of her first season at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2007. Gem returned to the Edinburgh Fringe again in 2010.

Utilising the freedom and expression of drama as a clean mechanism for the exploration of alternative strategies; Elemental makes the most of her naturally inquisitive style and life experiences to unravel those often difficult to express topics in a very fresh approach.