Helping Business Leaders Deliver Improvement

Leaders cause change.
Helping Business Leaders Deliver Improvement Elemental catalyses the effect that business leaders have on the behaviour of their teams by aligning, developing and translating the core message.

Elemental use innovative methods to develop team behaviour – with the number one priority being to keep the best and eliminate the worst of the system. Innovation springs from this process – from your people – ensuring that changes are sustained, effective and help you to achieve your Aims.

Linking Development Activities to Strategy

Bespoke Design
It is critical to our methodology that each engagement is specifically tailored to each individual situation. We constantly tailor all aspects of an engagement to have the desired effect on the individuals being targeted. This includes the nature of the content, timings, situation (onsite / offsite) as well as organising as much or as little of the framework as you require.
Internal Work / Project based Learning External Delivery and Support Clarify the Need / Benefits Design the Development Framework Integrate method of delivery Behaviour Change

How we catalyse behaviour change 

People learn what they need. Any theory or practical workshops are therefore tailored to the specific needs of the individuals that are attending. It is our skill in aligning these individual needs with those of the company that sets Elemental apart from other providers.

Helping Business Leaders Deliver Improvement 

We recognise that key to managing behaviour change is getting the timing exactly right. Our patient approach means that we can ensure that any engagement has the maximum effect on the individuals.

Situation / Style
As best fits the need. If this means a week long programme for 20 managers in Madrid - or one hour a month individual coaching sessions, we are delighted to provide the best service.