Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere!

On route to Bangkok
Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere, - the once infamous marketing slogan  from a late 70’s early 80’s  TV ad campaign,   could easily be applied to us as well. -Elemental has once again demonstrated its capability to provide our clients with the complete Elemental experience no matter how far the distance.

This has been an inspiring prospect for us, because we can now confidently offer a real opportunity for our global clients; to enhance their staff engagement style, whilst delivering  both continuity and provide positive reinforcement to their core messages, to any region in the world they wish.


Conrad Hotel - Bangkok
We have recently returned from supporting a global business, host their Asian Sales team meeting in Bangkok (3 days and with an excess of 180 people).  Elemental was tasked to reinforce their 2012 conference tag line People Performing with Pride and to ensure the event was as memorable and interactive as possible. This is of course bread and butter stuff for us, and we throughly enjoyed creating the opportunities for good levels of interaction, combined with fun, whilst creating elements which encouraged a sense of team spirit, both in a collaborative and competitive style.

Though t
his is not the platform to go into the detail to what we did; as every intervention we create, is tailored to meet specific client needs,  the immediate feedback from the attending delegates was; "This gathering was the most professional meeting we have yet experienced"....  And though, we cannot take all the credit for that piece of immediate feedback – it was very clear we played an important role in achieving this fantastic result for our client.

                                              Elemental can now proudly state, we have the capability to be globally yours!