Facilitation Skills
For anyone who is or will be involved in the facilitation process and needs to develop
skills and methods of guiding and managing discussions to achieve productive

Estimated Timetable
1 meeting + 1 design day if using generic tools. 3 design and construction days for one off tools. Delivery of programme 2 days + 1 follow-up day

The workshop introduces methodologies which will aid the group in effective problem
solving, resolve conflicts, managing the change processes more effectively as well as
innovative tools and exercises which can be applied simply and to great effect.

Example Outcomes
Participants will have an enhanced toolkit of both exercises and methods which will
ensure maximum participation. Practice the three step structured approach to the facilitation process. Gain a practical awareness in how to promote, monitor and even unlock teams who are engaged in real problem solving. Receive individual feedback on personal style/behaviours which can enable or block